The Corrupting Influence of Big Money in Politics

Partisan politics and big money are corrupting our democracy, which is why I’m not taking a penny from corporations or PACs. 

Elected representatives should represent people, not special interests or wealthy donors. That’s why I’ve pledged not to accept money from corporations or PACs. 

From national debt to taxation, health care to education, income inequality to equal pay, America is struggling to address serious problems. Moneyed interests are getting what they want, but the rest of us are being ignored.  

As a judge for almost 28 years, I took seriously my oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States, and to treat each person who came before me with respect regardless of whether they were rich or poor. Our nation was founded on principles of justice and equality for all, not profit and power for a few.

When I am in Washington, I will represent the people of Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District — not Washington D.C. or Wall Street special interests. I will fight for campaign finance reform. Until we end the unlimited influence of lobbyists and dark money in politics, we won’t be able to bring down drug prices or prevent the outsourcing of jobs overseas, or — most importantly — restore the middle class.

We should ban all campaign donations to Congress from lobbyists. Lobbyists should succeed through good arguments, not bribery. I will support campaign finance limits so that average citizens can have a voice in elections.

Finally, I’ll support a constitutional amendment to end the corrupting effect of the Citizens United decision, in which the Supreme Court held that corporations are people and money is free speech. It was wrong to use the constitution to strengthen corporate power, and it has proven dangerous to democracy. Corporations are not people. Profit is their bottom line, not the common good.

I will strive to serve the people of Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District with the same integrity, honesty, and dedication that I brought to my previous years of public service.